Newsprompt for Google Chrome

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Piyush Arya
Piyush Arya@piyush_arya
It has videos too and the recommendations are kickass.
Prashant Maskara
Prashant Maskara@prashant_maskara
I have been using this for a while. Love the recommendations it gets for me. The top news and related stories are spot on.
Gregg Katz
Gregg Katz@gregg_katz · Innovation Guru
What makes this service different than all of the others out there?
Newsprompt@newspromptapp · NewsPrompt
@gregg_katz The extension keeps you updated with recent news simply by opening the new tab. Features that makes this extension standout are: 1. It removes duplicate news and clusters them together as one to give a clutter-free experience. 2. Not just reading news, you can watch the videos right into the same tab. So live debates and movie trailers everything at one place. 3. The recommendation system suggests articles based on your interest. No configuration required. It just works after a couple of hours of using the extension. So expect your favorite sports news or interested topic in recommendations. I will request you to try it out once and see the difference. You will enjoy the recommendations.