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Logo looks like Telegram
@gopietz My first thought as well.
Hello! Everytime we look for news, we look at websites, Twitter, TV, newspapers… But all have the same problem, it requires you to sort through all the junk information in order to see what’s most important — this is not efficient. So simple problem, simple solution! I created an app that lets you read the top 10 headlines at a glance!
Love it! So simple. No frills. I dig. 👍🏼
It'd be cool to be able to filter what type of top news it delivers.
@anodigital you can do it! Check out the screenshots or the video ad I made:
Is it possible to customize the news sources?
@nipac Thanks for your interest! Not for now, maybe in an update if people like you, want to have this option.
@oscar_falmer Thanks for your feedback, looking forward for trying your app soon