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By newspaper don't you mean "360 digital media company?"
@eriktorenberg We're an odd hybrid of a digital and physical company - give us your PDF's and we'll send you newspapers. We can do anything from 1 copy of a digital tabloid through to 100,000+ web offset printed tabloids/broadsheets.
Michael - all of our products are shipped from the UK at the moment, so those prices include overseas shipping to the US. That does make us dearer in comparison to US printers :)
@davidmoore_io A few points of clarification. I used to be the head of finance for my student newspaper, and I recall we paid like $0.25 per copy (around 900 copies per run). Does your pricing include individual delivery to subscribers, or do you ship to the publisher?
@msitver Hi Michael. We ship directly to the publisher via courier and this is included in the order price. You can find out pricing calculator here... ... and you can change the delivery country on the top right of the page.
@davidmoore_io I believe we used these guys although we've used a few different printers over time. You're significantly more expensive. What makes you different from any other printer?
Hi Michael. That's a good question... We have our online layout tool, ARTHR, that lets anyone create a print ready newspaper with zero experience. You can play with it here - We're also able to print anything from a single digital copy through to tens of thousands of 55gsm web offset prints (ie the same as a proper, traditional newspaper) and deliver them pretty much worldwide on pretty tight timescales. Our online tools are easy to use and in constant development, plus we've (nearly!) printed 8,000,000 newspapers for many happy customers (from students through to multi-national companies) since we started a few years ago.
I realize this is a couple of days old, but I really was wondering who the customer was that would pay $50 for a single issue of a magazine? Not even counting the shipping, the really low print run prices are pretty high and I understand why, I just can't see who's buying them and for what purpose.
@sacbookreviewer Movie props, birthday gifts, or most likely, sample prints before commiting to a final design