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Ben Tossell
Ben Tossell@bentossell ·
More things moving to where it's users are already spending a lot of time! Looking forward to seeing the expansion of Slack Apps/Bots this year. @herrtreas tell us the story here :)
Andreas Wolff
Andreas WolffMaker@herrtreas
@bentossell Sure! We started as a set of daily newsletters focused on early adopter programming languages such as Go and Clojure. We have since rebuilt our recommendation engine from scratch and have moved the product to Slack as this is fast becoming the centralised communication platform for technology businesses. Our AI makes sure you get the best content for the topics that are important to you, straight to your slack. We have only just relaunched so currently have a few core topics including Go, Swift, Clojure and Docker, however our topic set will expand as soon as we see a topic has learnt enough to ensure the quality levels are met.
Jason Robert Green
Jason Robert GreenMaker@nogeek
@bentossell We've added quite a few new topics now to cover both Startup & Tech, Newspaper now covers: General: startup, product, growthhacking, culture, designthinking, ui, ux Languages: clojure, golang, python, scala, swift, javascript Frameworks & Envs: rubyonrails, nodejs, reactjs Other: docker, microservices