This tool visualise the hidden emotional context of news.

NewsMood is a way to see the emotional context of news stories.

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I don't know how this works but I'm pretty sure this isn't a positive emotion for all readers: "Tide may be turning in Russia story and not in a way Dems like". The word "like" is highlighted and therefore this news story is categorised as positive. Is there no way to also account for the negating "not" in that sentence? Super cool idea though. I'd love to have this integrated in my social media feeds!
@subhashinim I don't think it is how the story makes you feel, but using language on what feeling might come across in headlines
@mlsj1 The headlines are meant for a reader so analyzing the mood of a headline implies that you’re analyzing the effect of that headline on a reader.
i've recently thought about finding a way of cutting out bad news on website and then this comes along...great app! :-)
This is really interesting to me. Good job.
Great idea. Love it