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Webpage review: It can be a bit confusing at first Are you trying to provide News Content or Skills? If the main value proposition is Skills; that should be the first thing I interact with; the news would be a good to have to keep me coming but should be secondary. On the Skills section, the course seems be divided into 3 parts Vocab, Grammar and Comprehension; actually I figured out they are not separate Tabs ( when I tried to click) but keep track of the Points; maybe the visual should be different. In addition for the Register button; there is one on Top, one on the Left and one at the Bottom of the course. I think it is a bit too much. Maybe having a floating registration button which appear when you pause browsing would be be better. Overall, I can see how this will benefit many people depending on price point.
@ashleypoorun Thanks for the feedback! cc @paultjackson
@ashleypoorun Thanks so much for taking the time to feed back, Ashley. All points taken onboard.
Thanks to everyone for checking out our new app. I'm Paul, the Product Manager for Newsmart. Our aim is to help ambitious people master English in the workplace by using hyper-relevant, daily content. Keep upto speed on the latest developments in technology, virtual reality, Bitcoin and Unicorns and 10x your English at the same time! I hope you enjoy the full Newsmart learning programme - now on iOS and Android.
Normally I understand what's going on but this time there is way to much lingo being thrown around. Can someone explain what the app does, as if I was your grandmother.
@leonhitchens hi Leon - sure thing. This is an English teaching service that uses video, audio and text articles from the WSJ and other business publications and adds learning exercises to the content. As news is daily and engaging it helps learners develop a consistent habit of learning. Hope that helps! Paul.
The app is excellent, especially for business people who want to get the latest news, and also want to improve their English, they have some feature that I love: 1.News from WSJ resource 2.Advanced exercise mode 3.Earn lot of Badges