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Well, pretty obvious what this is πŸ˜‚- you can add it to your collection @bentossell !
@bramk Another stash-style site to join the family
@bentossell I'm happy to join :)
@ossamaweb I would almost feel excluded if only we weren't the first newsletter you see on NewsletterStash. Somehow still part of the family :) Thanks for that Ossama! It does a great job at opening my eyes to the to me apparently undiscovered world of newsletter subscriptions, and I'm already subscribed to a ton.
@leonpals You're welcome! and keep curating ;)
Hello, thanks @bramk for the hunt. I'm the maker of NewsletterStash, a hand-curated directory of the best newsletters where you can browse by categories, frequencies and types. Plus you can check the samples and archives in one place. I've been a junkie newsletters subscriber since i discovered the internet. They are the easy and fun way to discover great content curated by experts. My plans with NewsletterStash is to make it a community where publishers and subscribers connect with each other. If you have some suggestions or feedback please post it here, i will be happy to discuss more. Thanks ;)
@ossamaweb Just a thought... would be good to have a link / button where I can subscribe to the newsletters.
@craigjbarber "website" button will take you directly to the subscription form! is that what you mean?
@ossamaweb I guess I expected the main link to actually take me to somewhere where I can quickly subscribe. At the moment there is no direct link / prompt to subscribe. Some of the sites you click thru and there is a subscribe box, others it's just a website. For example if I was to do it, I would make the '#Startup Curated' main header that is black a link that takes you to a subscribe box on their site, or a the very least change one of the buttons underneath to subscribe that takes you directly to a subscribe box. Your users would love it as would your Authors featured on the site. It's a great product, just some suggestions on how to make it better. The primary call to action should be to subscribe : )
@craigjbarber I changed "website" to "Subscribe". Thanks man ;)
@craigjbarber I get your point, but with #startup Curated, it does point to a clear signup form (just with the latest newsletter below). But it would be extremely cool if you could actually enter your email address on NewsletterStash itself.
This is great - just submitted Musicgeeks ( for the Music section - hope to see it added!
@dshan Thanks, new submissions will be live tomorrow!
I've noticed that the project is dead.. Is there any alternative on the market to Newsletterstash? @bramk
This is great, lovely design by the way, very tidy.
@craigjbarber Thanks Craig.