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Ben TossellPro@bentossell · newCo
Interesting little concept This is my link: When you click to open my song recommendation you have to send me one back :)
Nichole Elizabeth DeMeréPro@nikkielizdemere · SaaS Consultant & Community Growth
Here's my recommendation: 💙🎶
Levin DixonMaker@levindixon · Dev
Hey Everyone 🔥 Thanks for checking out Newslang! We built Newslang to make it fun to share Spotify tracks, albums, artists, and playlists. Pick something to recommend and we’ll give you a fresh link to share with as many people as you’d like. People who open your slang will have to send something back to see what you’ve recommended. Keep an eye on the recommendation feed to see when people have opened your slang and what they’ve recommended back. There’s even a handy playlist creator to save all the recommendations you receive. PS. (it’s new·slang 😉)
Shmatkov Mykola@shmatkov_mykola · Founder @
would be great to create custom links for parties e.g. etc.
Saif Al Falah@saifalfalah · JavaScript Developer
So when I login with spotify, it shows me a few tracks and artists. When I click on any one of them, nothing happens. Is it intentional? I'm on latest version of Chrome.
Levin DixonMaker@levindixon · Dev
@saifalfalah bug crushed, thanks for the help!
Saif Al Falah@saifalfalah · JavaScript Developer
@levindixon 🙌🏿
Saif Al Falah@saifalfalah · JavaScript Developer
@levindixon Here are my recommendations now: - It would be awesome if I could send some sort of feedback that lets the other person know that I liked (or disliked) their recommendation. - If I'm on a Slang page, I don't see any button to create a new Slang. I could go to home but there's no home button either. I could click on the logo, but it's not a good UX. - Maybe there should be a way to send tracks to random people. And get track in return. That way, I don't have to wait for my friend to open the link and recommend something back. If someone is online, I should be able to send it to them and get something back instantaneously. (Maybe a bot?) That should increase conversions because of instant gratification instead of waiting for a friend to come online and send something. - If I close the tab, and if my friend opens the link a day after and recommends something, how would I know? Any notification? Also, can I send my Slang to multiple people? And where is this recommendation feed? Other than that, it's awesome. I love it.
Levin DixonMaker@levindixon · Dev
@saifalfalah Excellent feedback, thanks! We're looking at closing the loop by integrating Messenger notifications 💫