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Josh Barkin
@joshbarkin · Co-founder @ Janis
Hi PHriends, We see the future of news as Infotainment, bite-size content that can inform, educate and entertain all at the same time. NewsGIF is a news feed made entirely of GIFs. It's fun and fast to consume this content, but also easy for anyone to become an active participant in the content they consume. Would love feedback and feel free to AMA! Fun t… See more
Ben Yoskovitz
@byosko · Entrepreneur, investor & author
I've been playing with this app for awhile and it's fun. There's something addictive about scrolling through the news in GIF format.
Dave Di Biase
@davedbase · Partner, Pilot Interactive
Loved watching this product come together. It's very fun and very addictive!
Justin Hendrix
This makes total sense.