Tracks edits to stories over time on major news sites.

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Newsdiffs serves a very different purpose from Circa (which, btw, has one of the best uses of alert real estate of any app). It's much more about forensic and archival purposes, not for tracking ongoing stories (which is what Circa is about). You can read about it here. Basically changes are revealing. There is also (which is in green).
@jenny8lee you're right and I didn't mean to imply that NewsDiffs and Circa are serving the same use case. Thanks for the link. :)
As @pmarca described it, "Tracks edits to stories in place, over time, on major news web sites. Shows how news evolves!" Love it.
@nikkielizdemere Circa (cc @mg) gives readers an opportunity to follow news articles, reengaging people when there are updates. I'm surprised more publications haven't adopted something similar.
@rrhoover Same. That type of re-engagement is :central: to a media site's success.
@rrhoover It's not that they wouldn't want to, it's that the current way of producing news doesn't really lend itself well to a high quality user experience around these diffs. Precisely why NewsDiffs, while awesome, is a bit of an insider tool. Additionally, for an article that's being tracked, it fails to inform over the long haul because writers just write more articles to update news, rather than continue to write within existing stories. We've found that our structured, object-oriented approach with Circa is really critical to keep news flowing into the same stories, with the software taking care of what new information to present to readers. That structure is crucial to make it work in a friendly way. It's that same reason that it's pretty hard to implement into existing organizations and processes. Though that's something we also hope to solve long-term for others.