Catch up on the top news stories at a glance

Newsbrewer pulls together stories from respected news sources and makes them more easy to consume, by pulling out key bits of content like (summary, quotes, Wikipedia articles, etc.) and sticking them together.
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This is inspired by, now discontinued, Yahoo News Digest. I really loved it and wanted to make something similar. Well, this is just the first step where I've replicated most feature of Yahoo News Digest, but I have many more interesting feature ideas which are coming soon. All criticism and thoughts are welcome!
@mehuleo what happened to newsbrewer?!
Do you plan to support other countries such as Australia?
Cameron PetersonOverdose prevention worker
Is it available for IOS??
Is this for Android only? I'm confused because the Google Play Store screens are using iPhone XS mockups.
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Thanks for this awesome app information. Keep sharing with us