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Bot that measures political bias in articles

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Some feedback: out of the 10 articles that I saw, 9 of them were all left liberal biased. I would intro the tool by trying to provide a better mix. A tool of revealing bias shouldn't be so biased, in other words :P As a user, I feel like there would be a lot of friction in having to consult with a bot every time I wanted to view an article's bias. This product would be much better as a layer of metadata on top of an article, for example, a chrome plugin. The "bot" would become smarter much faster this way. Also, the usage / metrics / retention would be astronomically higher this way. Pretty cool though, I think tools like this will definitely grow in popularity, and hopefully, can let people know when they are engaging in confirmation bias (mostly liberals :P). This is pretty cool :D
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@kurtybot thanks for the feedback Kurt! I think you're referencing the intro which pulls the top news stories from Google News. It's pulling the most popular stories regardless of bias. My hunch is that with the recent news from the Trump administration, left leaning sources are getting more traction (thus the 9/10 of top stories being left biased). We can change this intro to be half and half left and right, but then we run into the problem of artificially increasing the relevance of less popular news stories with either leaning (according to google news). I'd love to hear your thoughts on this. You can send NewsBot any article via a link.
@theashbhat @kurtybot yeah our next step is to build a chrome extension! would be super useful for sure
@kurtybot : totally agree with your feedback - especially the chrome plugin idea. eliminate the friction by fully integrating the value of the algorithm into the user's already-existing news reading experience. that would be a great next-step if the bot mvp validates the problem/solution
I've known @theashbhat for 3 years now and I'm pumped to finally be working on a project with him. Obviously, there's been lots of fake news and political drama happening right now so we decided to build a Facebook bot that has one of the best models in predicting political bias as well as summarizing articles (85% on our sample set but we've changed and improved the model since then). Play with it yourself and let us know what you think! Doesn't require downloading anything.
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@tzhongg likewise :)
@tzhongg @theashbhat Nice work! Can't wait to see how this evolves if it does.
@tzhongg @theashbhat This is pretty cool. Now if only you can "neutralize" that bias! 🀣
Congrats on the launch @ali_wetrill @theashbhat @tzhongg πŸ‘πŸ‘ It's a fantastic way to use a chatbot to help reduce fake news and the spread of fake information. As a French, I don't know very well the bias of every sources so that's also helpful for that. With the French elections recently, your chatbot would have been very useful against fake newsπŸ˜• As a chatbot maker, i would love to learn more about the tools you used to build it if it's not secret ? :)
@mrcalexandre yea! Our magic is mostly ML classifiers that we built from scratch. UC Berkeley has an amazing ML course called CS189, and I took Andrew Ng's coursera course (Stanford's equivalent) which is also very good. Outside of that, no real additional tools. It's a pretty straightforward server that gets requests from Facebook and responds via webhooks! 😊
@mrcalexandre @ali_wetrill @theashbhat thanks for the support alexandre!
@theashbhat Thanks so much for your help and for sharing how you built it πŸ˜„ Iwill check out Andrew Ng's coursera course
I've been using it for several days now… the AI article summaries are very impressive. Congrats to @theashbhat & the team!
@williamlegate thanks William!
Need a bot that determines political funding behind political bots like this. πŸ™ƒ
@androidlove haha, we're a bunch of UC Berkeley students that are completely self funded πŸ˜„