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Hi everyone, Glad to see NewsBot on ProductHunt! Let me introduce you the app. It's an app I have programmed for busy people like me. I have busy days where I don't have a lot of time to read the newspaper. The concept of NewsBot is that you choose or add your favorite news channel (just the URL is enough), then the app will handle it as if it was a podcast. It will load the article index from the website and read aloud (with a Siri-like voice) the articles. So if you are busy doing something (cooking, jogging or you don't have free hands), you can still "read" your favorite newspaper. Easy command from the lock screen or earphone remote. In addition to that you can use the app extension from the Twitter app or from Safari Mobile to read you aloud any article linked or open. Last but not least, the app allows visually impaired people to read the newspaper in a very easy way. NewsBot is fully compatible with VoiceOver and hence pretty accessible for them. I have received so far good feedbacks from this user group. I would like to thank here Hatman, Carole, Yannick, Christine and Silvia for their support recording the short film we made. It was a pleasure embarking in this adventure! Looking forward to your feedbacks and remarks folks! Cheers,