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#2 Product of the DayJuly 03, 2015
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Nice, this is powered by the Lateral API which is on PH here -
Looking good team!
@williamchanner Thanks William! Appreciate it!
Just one word: "Amazing" :). I just added it to my Machine Learning collection . Keep it up guys.
@daviducolo Thanks Davide! Let us know if you'd like to chat further!
Amazing product....just sometimes suggestions are not that appropriate but still it's very good as sometimes it's must required thing! Will try it deeply and would love to give better feedback to the team. Nice work guys :)
@92akshit Thanks a lot for trying it out and the feedback! We are always looking to identify its weak spots, if you're happy to send through the articles it preformed worse on please do! If you prefer email I’m Would also love to hear how you find using it over time!
@92akshit Same thing for me. 0 for 3 so far but only one of the articles was really major/national news. will email you @jmartink
Just tried this on a bunch of sites and this works remarkably well! Would be nice is if there was a one-click way of plugging the suggested articles into a read-it-later list like Pocket?
@karthikb351 Thanks for the feedback and suggestion Karthik! Adding a read it later button is a great idea. We will look into whether we can add a button on the recommendation card. We can possibly link it directly to services like Pocket.
@karthikb351 Pocket integration would rule.