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Newsblock was made to fight bad/clickbaity news by redirecting you to the best article covering the stories you click on.

With the Newsblock plugin you can support quality news by simply browsing the web.

Newsblock uses bias/factual history data and ML to determine how to rate articles. More info here

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great idea, but i'm wondering why we should trust this extension. @jawerty, could you shed a little more light onto what makes this plugin trustworthy? the way the site explains how it detects bias is a little vague ( isn't loading for me either, so i don't know how trustworthy that site is)
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@thewrongjoshua Hey Joshua, thanks for commenting. Not sure why the site isn’t loading for you but to your question I want to communicate a semblance of trustworthiness through transparency. On the site I write all the factors I’m rating articles on and the ratings I have currently. I’m using MBFC data for factual/bias history which is quite thorough and independent. Still working on better communicating that however. Let me know if that’s sufficient for you if not what more you’d like to see.
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@jawerty after rereading the site now that i'm a bit more awake, it makes more sense :) i believe that MBFC is probably more accountable for the ratings than Newsblock itself, however, so perhaps i should look into MBFC in order to determine its validity. great plugin idea though, and one that i'm definitely going to be trying out
Generally, news articles are way too long to read. Could the articles be shortened or summarised in less than 100 words or so?
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@vineet_smk I can summarize the articles easily if that's something people want i'd be happy to implement a setting for that.
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