News360: Personalized News

An app that finds stories you’ll like around the web

News360 is an intelligent personalized news reader app available on Android, Apple and the web browser.

News360 aggregates news from over 20000 popular sources and learns your news likes and dislikes to offer a customized news feed, using Natural Language Processing.

Hi @romirez, I love the way you've designed the news links into visual tiles / cards - very beautiful and pulls the user into the content!
@seffa121 Thanks! It took us a while to arrive at the right mix of information for the cards, but they work great, and are very portable between different screens - we basically use the same UX component for our app on watches, phones, tablets & TV, just slightly varying the information density on the card.
Hey everyone, I'm the CEO & Co-founder of News360 - happy to answer any questions about the app or our company! We have more than 6M mobile users in News360 (mostly in the US, UK & Canada, but we've launched our first non-English version in Germany in April, and have been growing there 2x every month since launch), and over the past 4 years we've built a really interesting personalization platform that drives relevancy for our users - we can identify more than 1M features in text, including humor, text complexity, political leaning, topics, people, companies, locations, and so on, and in only a few sessions we can build a pretty granular and nuanced portrait of what your particular interests are. We're also launching an update today with support for 3D Touch on the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus that is going to be pretty awesome :)
@romirez great work! Is it possible to see screenshot of how the cards look on a smart watch?
@seffa121 Sure - you can see a demo of what News360 looks like on an Apple Watch here:
Great! Fantastic UI, good luck and I look forward to using it!
Finally! a good news app for ios, thank you for making this 👏👏