News OS summarizes news the way we talk about it: sometimes satirical, sometimes with an edge and always to the point.
Artificial Intelligence analyzes hundreds of articles and classifies them along three types of gist: positive, negative, neutral
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As an independent thinker and technology tinkerer I found a huge void in news coverage. Majority of publishers try to position themselves as independent and unbiased but cover issues with an opinion slant. Our team decided to combine the magic of human and artificial intelligence to solve this problem. As a result we launched News Operating System - News OS that delivers news always to readers point: negative, positive, neutral or all in a simple iOS app. Get the News from all sides but always to YOUR POINT.
Does being Informed require an open mind and listening to different points of view or not?
I prefer to stick to partisan media, who I trust
I gave up on news - there are no solutions to polarization
I am working to fix it
I am actively seeking a solution
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