News Feed Eradicator

Replace your news feed with an inspiring quote

News Feed Eradicator helps you use Facebook without the news feed competing for your attention. Replace the feed with an inspiring quote, or just remove it altogether.

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2 Reviews5.0/5
When it comes to productivity, nothing is more of a time suck than Facebook. But let's face it - Sometimes, there are productive things you need to get done on there A.K.A your groups, chat, and company pages. I heard about this simple Chrome extension that hides your distracting news feed with an inspiring quote and have been LOVING it. Big shoutout to @danmartell for recommending it during his Periscope.
I have been using this extension for, I think, more than a year now and I have lost the habit of scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed on my laptop (which means I could be slightly more productive). Amazing how this small change can be so powerful :)
If you're a marketer, you need this. No more being bombarded by clickbait when you're just trying to do your job. Even if you're not a marketer, you probably need this. Lets you access the helpful parts of Facebook (events, messages, etc.) without the time sink.

The FB feed is filled with useless content nowadays that's why i like this.


You stop using your valuable time on FB.


Nothing to add.

Can you guys create an instagram feed and stories eradictor?