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Get the latest news from top audio sources in realtime

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Hi everyone! Thanks @roypovar for hunting us! My name is Assaf, I'm the VP marketing at Audioburst, the company who created News Feed. At Audioburst we develop technologies and products that transcribes and understands the meaning of auditory content in real-time. Or the short version - we make audio searchable. News Feed for Alexa is the first product we release ('Google home' coming soon). We'd love to get your thoughts and feedback! And of course I'm here to answer any question you may have. Thanks so much
News is one of the biggest things I use my Echo for... I was bad at keeping up with it (apart from Twitter all day) before. I'll be installing this fo sho
@bentossell Thanks Ben. Happy that you liked News Feed!
Super cool. Thanks guys for making this
@kobaiko Thank you!
@kobaiko Agree. Fascinating product.
Looks good! One of the things that I didn't like about using the Google home is the bad experience when listening to news. I wish I had something like this skill. Keep the hard work!
This is refreshing. Will try it out on my Alexa. Indexing audio files can be challenging - are you using any voice recognition technologies to make the search engine reliable?
@tommy_bar_av Thanks Tommy! We are using a propriety ASR engine for the audio segmentation that is dedicated for this task