News Deck

Break up with bad news

#4 Product of the DayAugust 20, 2018

News Deck is simple. Subscribe to your favourite news, blog or magazine’s RSS feed and News Deck will build a deck of articles for you to judge. Simply swipe left or right!

The articles that you discard. Gone, never to distract you again while the articles that you love will be stored for when you are ready to read them.

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Mighty Alex
Mighty Alex@mightyalex · Product Developer
It looks beautiful, but please add pre-selected RSS URLs, I spent 5 minutes to find RSS from The Verge and enter it. Header and excerpt text is overlapping on iPhone SE.
John Smith
John SmithMaker@johnjcsmith · Developer
@mightyalex Thanks for the feedback! Pre-selected RSS urls is probably my most requested feature, so definitely something that will be in a release shortly. iPhone SE layout issue is nasty. Thanks for letting me know :)
Joshua Tab.
Joshua Tab.@satwaya · Student, crafting Walk
The app is really beautiful! Congrats for making it 👏 I love the fact we enter rss link and the card UI however I would love to be able to click on the card to read more about the news :)
John Smith
John SmithMaker@johnjcsmith · Developer
@satwaya Thanks for trying it out! You can currently open the card in Safari by long holding it. I think I will make this a more intentional interaction in the future as it seems to be something people would like.
Dmitry Belyaev
Dmitry Belyaev@dmitry_belyaev1
I would love to have the same for twitter frontend posts :D Great job!
Sarah Frantz
Sarah Frantz@sarahlfrantz
This looks great! 🎉 Any plans for an Android version down the road?
Tyler James Young
Tyler James Young@tyjayo · Instructional Designer, BenchPrep
@johnjcsmith I think you meant to say "Break up with bad news". "Breakup" is a noun.
John Smith
John SmithMaker@johnjcsmith · Developer
Ahah. Good spot. Thanks @tyjayo!