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News Bling is a free daily newsletter. We present readers with top news articles on all sides of the conversation (liberal and conservative) and expose how the news media spins stories. We also provide the perspective from each side so that readers can better understand what the opposite side is thinking.

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Hello Product Hunt! My name is Nupur and I'm the founder of News Bling. THE PROBLEM 😡 Are you tired of reading slanted headlines? Are you feeling disillusioned with the current state of news media? Welcome to the party. THE SOLUTION ✨ News Bling is hunting news media bias in a daily newsletter by comparing headlines from various sources for the top stories of the day. In short, we take headlines from outlets like CNN and Fox News and put them next to each other to show you how each side is spinning a story. OUR GOAL βœ”οΈ Get people out of their echo chambers and bridge the information gap between liberals and conservatives. OUR LAUNCH PRODUCT πŸ“¨ A daily newsletter that is quick, fun, easy to digest and informative. Plus it has gifs and memes - those alone should be worth it. 😜 PLEASE SIGN UP πŸ™ It's free! Hit me with any questions or comments. Positive/negative feedback is always welcome.
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