Newgrad is a job board just for new graduates. It's a solution for constantly having to check the "years of experience required" section of a job posting and being disappointed when it's 5+ years. All of the jobs on this site will welcome job applications from new graduates.

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It's down for me :/
@nikhilrsethi Hi Nik, sorry about that. Back up.
Neat idea, I remember always getting discouraged by the minimum years requirement on jobs when I started applying. How do you scrape these from the web? @kashgoudarzi
@abadesi Hi Abadesi, companies will actually be able to post jobs on newgrad themselves, so that we 100% know that they welcome new grads. I will also personally add jobs as I come across them from time to time.
A huge variety of jobs. Such an amazing platform and decreases the count of unemployed people.
@smaranich Hi Smarani, thanks!