Alarm clock displaying some of the best photos on Instagram!

Here's a post by @tombwatts on why we built @newday_app. Hopefully it helps explain why we bothered making a photo alarm.
Just found Newday which is an alarm clock with inspiration! Instead of hitting the snooze button, you can select a channel with beautiful Instagram images depending on your mood and preferences i.e. Adventure, Cycling, California, Dreamers etc Beautiful UX & design. I love that the founders Joe & Tom (who are also brothers) curate the content and images for each channel. Really cool concept!
@thatgirl_chloe Thanks Chloe! I'm the designer on @newday_app and happy to answer any questions :)
@thatgirl_chloe Thanks Chloe! Appreciate the Hunt and kind words! It's be a fun product to build! I now know every photographer on insta! In case you need any recommends! Joe builds and I curate! Ha
What about iPhone?
@rmnh Hey Yuriy, it's in development. Working out the best delivery mechanism! thanks for your support!