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Find the best tools to start a side project, without code πŸ› 

This guide gives recommendations from tools I test and use to build side projects quickly, without code 🀩. If you're looking to build and launch a side project then this site is perfect for you. I release weekly videos showing how I use these tools (and many more) to build side projects and clone real-like apps like Airbnb, Uber, Yelp etc

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πŸ‘‹What I'm looking to do with Toolkit is build up a big directory of tools to help others get started on a side project easily. I want to add more features, ratings and reviews plus keep testing more tools. PLUS I want to actually add How-to's with each variation so you know the basics of how to get set up - the more complex tutorials will be available for Paying Members only. I've been working on this as part of my next tutorial on (how to make a curated resources site) - I actually started off a few years ago by making one, which got me hired at Product Hunt! Since leaving I've been finding my feet... Building without code is definitely that. And getting to teach others along the way is awesome. The first tutorial went out last week. I'm following other makers in being transparent while I build and I recently passed $6k in pre-launch revenue. Pricing has gone up again so get in before it does again!
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@bentossell πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½ love stuff like that that makes tech ridiculously accessible, easy and doable for absolutely anyone with a computer. It's incredible how many resources you've been able to pull together - I also like the list of different types of products. I look forward to seeing the videos. Where will you be streaming? One thing that could be useful, is if you rated stuff in terms of difficulty / time it takes to complete, in Hustle Crew for example we have such a range of tech confidence from people who are still trying to get to grips with a simple spreadsheet to those who've completed a few bootcamps and are familiar with product design.
@abadesi ha thanks! I'll probably have at least double the amount of resources on here in a couple hours (just got some life admin to do!) I'll be building and uploading on - some videos will be for free but the best ones are saved for my paying members obvs. Yeah totally - I do actually already have that functionality but just not implemented it yet... Maybe I'll do that today too! I really want it to be a comprehensive place for someone to go and see they can build "Insert idea", check out the tools, the how-to set it up, see what will suit them and their competence and then build it. So ratings/ease of use/customisability/price etc is definitely on the cards. Any other filter recommendations?
@bentossell I also think educating ppl on what you actually need for an MVP would be good... maybe you can ensure there are tangible examples for each type of product... could be a simple hyperlink to a site / web app. GL! πŸ™ŒπŸ½
@abadesi noted and deffo what I'm thinking :)
@bentossell Cheers Bro!!! - thank you for the love - 'L-Plate Web Engineer!!!' hahaha xx seriously :) xx appreciated
I love how Ben is lowering the barrier to entry for shipping side projects & MVP's. As someone who spent years writing way too much code and it never being used, I totally see the value in decreasing time from hypothesis β€”> test. This toolkit is a great little place that I'm sure I'll be referencing as we look to quickly test out our hypothesis at my new startup.
@fredrivett Thanks dude!
This is something I will recommend to any non-technical founder who wants to launch a business or prototype for a business. I can imagine it being incredibly useful and as no-code tools are continuously popping up more and more it could get more useful. The pricing at $40 monthly is quite steep imo, I think the current sale price is better value for now.
@johnny_boufarhat I also had some concerns around pricing - I'm not sure we're ready to pay for community access and content yet. But would love to be proved wrong.
@johnny_boufarhat Yeah totally get it... my pricing strategy is actually 'set it and test it' so if I get push back on $40/mo, I may not go for that! It's still early days but it is a subscription business and I'm trying to offer sale prices because of that. I do want to have a week or two of making 50+ videos to really get it going! Fuck it, I've reduced the price to $99 yearly again for this release! πŸ€—
@bentossell Totally get it, set it and test it is probably the best way to go as a bootstrapper! $99 looks like a steal, goodluck and congrats!

As a non-coder myself, I know how hard it has been starting something new. The tools and content Ben is creating will help anyone at any stage build that idea that's been running around in their head with zero code.


Easy to digest content, built on experience with support all the way through.



As a fellow non-technical maker, I love what Ben is doing to help people make their ideas come to life. Nice work Ben :)
@daviswbaer Really appreciate it! Will get back to your email ASAP :)