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The Newchip Startup Marketplace app has been acquired by KingsCrowd, Equity Crowdfunding's #1 Independent Rating Service. Newchip is now the Newchip Accelerator, click to learn more about funding.
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Hey Everyone, Thanks for checking us out! Personally I've been involved in startups for over 20 years and helping early stage companies raise capital has become my mission. It's because, until recently, the funding system was rigged. You see, there is a major funding gap for early stage companies. Large venture funds and angel networks typically only invest in bigger deals. Private funding is available but only if you have a strong network, popular family name or happened to get lucky and win #1st in some pitch contest. And if you wanted to invest in early stage startups, you were banned from doing so unless you were already wealthy! This always seemed so unAmerican to me. Unfortunately, I've witnessed the majority of great ideas "die on the vine". They never get access to funding they need and that's a tragedy for innovation. With the laws changing last year in the US, Equity Crowdfunding is the NEW great equalizer. Now every American can support companies they believe in and own a piece of the company. (and for as little as $100) We built Newchip as a marketplace where 'new' investors can quickly discover awesome startups, and if they'd like, invest on the spot. By gathering all active funding startups across the entire country (any company raising through the new crowdfunding laws in the US), we make it as simple as possible to find ideas you believe in and invest immediately. You can also score the company based on your opinion, whether you're investing or not. We use machine learning to match you with deals you're most likely to be interested in, giving you a rapid discovery tool and fun way to interact with these companies. We're building a community where potential investors can easily find the coolest companies which are actively raising capital through equity based crowdfunding and we'd love for you to join us! Let's change the world together. Thank you! - Travis (@teq) p.s. We also help new companies understand the process of raising capital through equity crowdfunding and helping understand a clear process for raising capital in this new innovative model.
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💡 Opportunity U.S. law changed last year and now for the first time in a century, EVERYONE can invest in startups with the big 🦈’s starting at just $100! Investment platforms have since launched 🚀 in every major city across the nation to help seed stage startups raise 💵 from their supporters.  🤔Problem With so many platforms, how do we get the 🗣 out to everyone in the most efficient way possible? How do YOU even manage investments across 50+ platforms😖? How do you cut through the noise and connect to investments that TRULY resonate with you😻? 🛠 Solution Newchip is the Kayak + Mint for this new ecosystem 🎉. We’re building a social centered investment marketplace to connect entrepreneurs, their supporters, and 200 million new investors to disrupt venture capital and solve the seed stage funding gap 🙌.  We utilize machine learning 🤖 to personalize investment opportunities to YOU based on your interest, preferences, and social network. We’re soft launching right now. We're starting off with the marketplace and will eventually launch a 🌎 secondary market. Looking forward to your feedback!
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Newchip is an one stop marketplace to discover EVERY startup that's currently raising capital through equity crowdfunding. They aggregate all deals in the $50k to $1M and $1M to $50M categories.
Apparently our video link wasn't working right on mobile, here it is if you want to check it out. This is pretty exciting stuff here.
Tinder for startups and investing. Cool idea. Will definitely keep an eye on it!