New York Calendar 2016. Instagram Style.

Exclusive urban views. Shot & printed in high definition.

Great to see people from the tech community doing nice stuff in the creative/art world too. 👍🏻 @ameritaner
Thanks for hunting @herbigt Hi guys, my name is Taner from Hamburg, Germany and I have a big passion for traveling to american cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami Beach and of course New York City. So I was looking for a poster / calendar for my home office only to find out that most calendars failed to excite me. Either they have all the same outdated images or the layout was just not right. Thus I decided to produce my own edition. Instagram style. Luckily I just visited NYC in October and I used every day to scout new locations for new urban views of NYC. I shot thousands of pictures with my 28 megapixel camera. Back in Germany I chose the best 1+12 pictures for the cover and month pages, I added the Instagram filter effects and designed the final calendar. The result is a balanced mix of classic and new views of NYC. The calendars are printed in best quality available in Germany. They are all printed climate neutral by supporting forrest protection in Kenya. Size is 11.6 x 16.5 inches. As this is an experiment I decided to produce not more then 500 copies. My offer for Product Hunters is a 20% discount. I will ship the calendar in a solid cardboard envelope for free internationally. Feel free to follow the project:
@ameritaner Sure thing, Taner! Really love the idea and especially how it differentiates from "normal" calendars. Really looking forward to see this hanging in my own home office! :)