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The intelligent way to invest in cryptocurrencies

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New Wave Capital is the easy and secure way to invest in a portfolio of recommended cryptocurrencies. Anyone with over a $1,000 investment can participate, and we are fully registered with the SEC.

Victor Ceban
New Wave Capital
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    Ease of use with awesome portfolio help


    none yet

    Been an unbelievable platform for someone who wants some investing guidance in the crypto market. Great product!

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Mario Ercegovac
Mario Ercegovac@backspacerhino · Just a simple developer.
Is this available in Europe?
Albert Cheng
Albert ChengMaker@albertc248 · Co-Founder & CPO @ New Wave Capital
@backspacerhino Hey Mario. We are registered as an investment adviser in the US. Hope to go overseas at some point but we're just getting started!
Hatoshi Hakamoto
Hatoshi Hakamoto@cryptophant0mx
Non US available yet?