New Tesla Roadster in Colors

How would Tesla's new car look in different colors? ❤️🧡💛

Just for fun.I made a simple javascript color picker and edited the photos of the new Tesla Roadster. You can download the code in my Github.


Solid Black

Silver Metallic

Black Metallic

Blue Metallic

Silver Metallic

Pearl White Multi-Coat

Red Multi-Coat

Very Orange Multi-Coat

Brilliant Yellow Multi-Coat

Glacier Blue Multi-Coat

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Hello everyone, thank you for the votes and a warm welcome. I hope to update with more colors soon. And maybe the web will continue to improve it to practice code. All suggestions are welcome: D GitHub: Behance: Twitter:
@_mc_astro crafted a Tesla burrito roadster just for us. Thank you.
@bugrrito an absolutely necessary colour