New Task

The to-do app, reinvented.

We believe that a modern to-do app should be fast. The faster the better. Our app New Task allows you to enter a to-do right in the main screen, and to save it, you simply need to tap one of your lists. It feels incredibly intuitive and time-saving.
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Congrats on the launch, Lino. The video doesn't show the fact that the user has to open the app first, and then close it. Apps like Todoist have a quick add widget, where you just tap the widget, create the task and go on with your life. How is this different from that?
@aojedal Thanks, Arturo! What is fundamentally different in New Task is that the task input is central, meaning you don't necessarily add tasks inside lists, but right in the main view. You then save it by tapping one of your lists. The video might not be clear enough on this.
Hey! Nice concept. I think that video deserves some music (with beats per minute -bpm- slowed down in the slow-mo part, of course :P) The design is clean and friendly. I like that. For me, the problem in To-Do apps is not about adding tasks. That's always the fast and easy part. The problem is how I handle with them after that. The first 3-4 days are OK since I don't have very large lists. But after that, I start not joining the app, having lots of non-updated items, not well sorted (no matter how many categories or tags I add to them...), hard to decide where I start or what to do, and then I completely leave the app or jump to another to-do app and repeat 😅 Saying this because I'm still waiting for THE ONE to-do app that helps. Good look with yours! You have all my support.
@davidmaillo Thank you for sharing your thoughts, David! The core feature of any to-do app is adding tasks. I believe that the faster this works, the more intuitively – and regularly – people will use it.
Hey PH community! Small changes can make a big difference. Think of Bumble which is very similar to Tinder, except only women can start the conversation. Personal to-do and reminder apps have only changed slightly in recent years. There are well-thought and powerful apps among them, however, none of them felt fast enough to me. A few months ago, I came up with New Task's core feature: Central task input. It allows you to enter a to-do right in the main screen, and to save it, you simply need to tap one of your lists. This approach is the exact opposite of how it works in any other to-do app. It may seem to make a small difference, but according to the feedback I've received, adding tasks feels way faster than with other apps. After a few design iterations, I presented my Figma prototype to Leonid, a programmer and friend of mine, and eventually hired him to build the first version. We are super excited to see people engage with our app and to add more innovative features from our roadmap soon!
@linogrubben wow, so clean and nice, congrats on the launch
@onmyway133 Thank you very much!
When will android be available
@coltonledez Hi Colton! Definitely later this year.
@coltonledez @anna_0x Hey Anna! Android version will come. :)
Exactly what I was looking