New Tab Startup Quotes

Inspiring startup related quotes in every new Chrome tab.

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Shawn Mayzes@smayzes · @larachat @talesocial
I'd probably install this if the example images showed some actual examples.
Ashok Kamal@ak_launchleader · Executive Director @TechCoastAngels
I installed it and I like it! It's better than a blank tab or default Google HP. Why doesn't like inspirational startup quotes?
I like how simple and clean this is. I had momentum before but noticed it took too much memory and i found myself not using it or even being inspired. This is very simple clean and feels lightweight. All I need thank you!
SANKET MEHTA@sanketmehta7 · Founder @ Stickrs.in
You can also implement it via http://stickrs.in, see sample https://my.stickrs.in/10/break-it