New Tab Clock

Replace your Chrome's new tab with a simple customized clock

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New tabs distract me too easily ... mostly referencing Product Hunt for Chrome and Giphy Tab but maybe this simple one wouldn't! Yet again, I already have the time on my mac, my watch and my iPhone... Maybe if you could see how much time you'd spent online that day or something would be a cool edition? May be a good productivity use-case 😏
@bentossell Yes, you likely already have the time everywhere. But it isn't about giving you another clock. It is about giving you context (the time) where your attention (chrome) is between things (opening another site). Personally, I find the time surprises me sometimes and instead of opening the site I was about to go to, I run to the meeting that already started or realize it is 2pm and I still haven't eaten lunch. On the flip side, the page is meant to be very simple so it does NOT distracting you from your flow with a list of other sites you could go to. I open a tab and know exactly what site I want to go to.