New Tab by Flickr

Get a beautiful photo each time you open a new tab

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Found thanks to Venturebeat's article( A lot of products now compete for our "New Tab" real estate. For now, the winner for me has been Panda (
@theoblochet yup! Similar to the mobile homescreen, there's increasing competition for the New Tab real-estate. @chrismessina created a collection of these extensions. I'm looking forward to adding one to it shortly. 😉
@theoblochet The winner for me is the product hunt extension! As for this one, I tried it the other day but the same photos were repeating when I refreshed the page and there was just one big photo in the window, so I think maybe a gallery or some kind of presentation-type thing would be a big improvement.
@theoblochet @v4violetta I've only just installed it, so haven't seen the repeating photos, but the one big photo is what I like about it. Not a big fan of new tab products that have too much going on. No offense to Ryan or anyone else making those products, but I am happy to go to ProductHunt, or a news site, or a daily motivational site, or flickr itself if I want a fuller experience. I think this extension simplicity is what makes it great. It's just one big picture, a quick look, a quick "oh that's sweet", and then move on...
Exposure's new tab extension was great but slow! So I switched to Momentum. I need the image be instant as I only spend a second on the page anyway. If it takes half a second to load then it's a waste of time.
Love it. Thanks.
PInterest made one like this too! I downloaded it to try it when I covered that and it made my browser so fun that I kept it. Might considering trying out this one just to see....
thank you for this it is good to know