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We do have a really awesome and very robust free version of this that you should totally check out . Our intention is to let you launch things that scale to become enormous and turn into money makers for you without you worrying about the constantly iterating/evolving/scaling platform.
@teamreboot this is a dead link now.
RebelMouse released a big update last week. Anyone have a favorite RM site? I've personally never connected with their consumption experience.
I've followed RebelMouse for a while but never found a use for it myself. It's caught between my blog and Twitter feed. That said, I realize it's targeted for companies. Here's the blog post describing the update.
Thanks for the invite @GeoffreyWeg! Anything in particular about the consumption experience that bugs you? Would love to hear feedback. FWIW, the update from last week (story here: continues the rapid evolution of our product and services. We support both a free service and an enterprise-focused version, and since my focus here is on the enterprise side, that's probably the most appropriate area for me to add input. This article below gives a great preview of the direction we are heading and the ways in which our partners can leverage our technology to create engaged communities around their brand and content. The Dodo, fully powered by RebelMouse's enterprise technology, is now upwards of 7M uniques per month after roughly six months of existence. Pretty cool! Thanks for voting for us guys...all feedback welcome > jason [at] rebelmouse [dot] com.
@rrhoover re: caught btw Twitter and Blog - i think that's a fair assessment. one of the cool things you can do with a free RebelMouse page is embed the feed onto your website (ie - this is where i think it helps individuals most - if you're actively keeping up your blog, and sharing stuff in different places around the web, you can quickly embed your curated feed into a tab or page on your personal blog. used this way, it becomes a living, breathing "About Me" page