New Monaural

Monaural Music Player for those with unilateral hearing loss

It's a music player app which has a special monaural mode for the people with unilateral hearing loss.

It mixes L/R channels within a sound space to reproduce the balance which those people experience when listening to music normally (without headphone).

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I am a designer/develope based in Tokyo, and ever since I was born I have been deaf in one ear. As a child I grew up having no idea what stereo sounded or felt like, but still I loved listening to and performing music, and I hold onto that love today. In becoming a designer, my daily work has become considering what kind of user exprience I should provide, and what exactly an app for those with unilateral hearing loss like me should be. It's a difficult problem, and one that delayed production for over a year. But then, a simple realization came to me: people who are deaf in one ear don't live in a flattened out, monaural world. New Monaural starts from that line of thinking.
This is the most coolest thing, I have come across in recent times. Music appreciation should be for everyone. I dig Riyuchi Sakamoto and now many others get a chance too. Thank you.
really interesting, thanks for sharing!