New Messenger Camera

Facebook Messenger's brand new native camera

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This will definitely be my incentive to fully leave Snapchat. Stories on Instagram has better discover of content. Messenger camera is leveraging my, already established, contacts.
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@safaiyeh I don't think so. Millions of people open Snapchat camera to transform to a dog. Messenger need a better dog face to kill it. (Ok, just kidding, but partly true 😹)
Facebook/Instagram's aggressiveness on launching products to keep pushing SnapChat down is insane... I wonder if we should start calling FB big blue instead of IBM finally. πŸ€”
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This native camera combines the best features from all the best camera apps.
I mean, I did watch @Mazzeo as a Panda for one of his Product Jams on FB LIVE.... now Facebook are rolling out the new camera! Just in time for the holidays...
There's only two ways to make money: bundling and unbundling.
@nrose Do any of these new features pose a risk to Pikazo?
@patrick_udeh that's a great question. These really don't do the same jobs as Pikazo at all - we let anyone change the subject of an artistic image to make it their own production-quality, print-ready artwork that they can be proud of. This lets you send a more fun picture, to get the recipient to open the app and see another ad. and the job stops there. We're definitely in a different aisle in that sense.