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For the first time I'm actually impressed by Lyft and am going to give the app a real shot. From 2 minutes of poking around it looks really well done.
@taykcrane glad to hear you like the new design!
The new product design looks great! Here are some of the top new features: Simplified Ride Requests Access all our ride options with a single tap and compare their ETAs side-by-side. Easy Access to Essentials See price estimate, contact drivers, and split fares from the same place. Fresh Design New icons, new colors, and a next-level glow.
@_jacksmith Also: Seamless Airport Travel You’ll be able to specify your airport terminal and door, making pickups seamless and stress-free.
@bentossell @_jacksmith This is the biggest news to me. As a frequent airport traveler, this solves a large pain point that's underserved by contacting a driver over the phone. Still not perfect, but gets 80% of the way to seamless.
@bentossell wow. I didn't know that Lyft didn't have that already. Uber has had the terminal/door feature for at least 6 months (maybe a year).
@_jacksmith Thanks for sharing, Jack!
Still always fascinated between Lyft vs Uber Uber seem to be integrating everywhere and just eating up the convenience real-estate... Do people who use both have a clear preference?
@bentossell I prefer Lyft because of the culture presented. There has been more bad press about Uber and business practices than Lyft.
@taylorishere fair enough point. both get their fair share I feel... Although I'd base my judgement based on experience using the apps rather than what I read
@taylorishere @bentossell Same, and just to add onto it, every driver I've ever spoken to says Lyft treats them better, and they prefer Lyft.
@bentossell The other thing I want to mention is that employees (if I can use that word for share-economy 'contractors') are a representation of the brand. I've found most of Uber's 'contractors' in SF prefer to leave me alone, and put me in a state of neutral about the brand (when using UberX) at the end of my ride. Whereas with Lyft, the 'contractors' are upbeat, positive, and make me feel product delight.
@taylorishere thats a great bit of feedback! 100% agree that it's in the companies interest (and more so the drivers') to leave that upbeat, positive 'taste in your mouth' after using the service!
Looks pretty good!