New Habit

Take on good habits and break bad ones

Improve life & health easily with New Habit – Good Habit Maker & Bad Habit Breaker app! New Habit app has more than 300 detailed descriptions of new good habit ideas.
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Nice idea but I deleted it after seing I need a subscription in order to receive a notification.
@alex_trandafir I think it's understandable they want some kind of premium functionality to make people pay to use it, but yeah, a free trial at least would be nice.
@alex_trandafir thank you, for comment. We updated our app, notifications are free now:)
Two years ago I became interested in the power of habits. It has made an incredible impact on the quality of my life and inspired me to create a habit tracking app. There are many habit tracking apps on internet, but... New Habit has more than 300 detailed descriptions of new habit ideas. Every habit has detailed description, arguments, why it is useful. Moreover, based on best practices, we wrote recommendations what else (besides tracking) could be done to gain new habit. Besides common functions there are few extra advantages of New Habit: -App includes habits of 60 Famous people (user can easily follow it). -User can easily update habits status of past / future days at main screen. -There is an option to choose one of 4 types of habits. Besides standard “done”, user can choose time (app includes timer function) or count actions per day. Both of mentioned types can even follow up negative habit (if user has a target number not to overcome). -There is an option to practice the same habit together with friends.
Really really cool. I became aware of the power of habits when I read the book called "The Power of Habit" by Charles Duhigg. Will certainly try it!
@elijah_dippenaar let me know, what you thing, when you try it. Thank you! :)
Nice content and structure but texts are really small for iPhone SE, I think needs more responsive design.
@ilyadart thank you for comment. We made texts size bigger :)
I like the look of this. I currently use Habitify as I enjoy its simplicity. I'll give this a go and see if there's any extra benefit for my style of habit forming - Looks nicely designed too!
@simongabriel what you like most in Habitify? Where could we improve ?