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Hey everyone! I'm Jeff Rock, one of the founders of New Custom. After building software for a decade, we decided to build a product company from the ground up using everything we've learned from designing / developing apps and platforms, focusing on quality, customization, and technology. Our first product (of many) is the New Custom Luggage Tag. Through our assistant, you can interactively place and fully customize a map on the front, apply your personal details on the back, and choose your leather grain, wood species, and hardware finish. Then, we engrave, cut, finish, pack, and ship each order by hand here in Richmond, VA. Give it a spin (it's a lot of fun to play with)! As a special thank you, use promo code PRODUCTHUNT during checkout to get 20% off. I'm happy to answer any questions you may have about the product or the company. Thanks!
@jeffrock Site looks great. Whats next for you after luggage tags? Would love to chat
@frankdenbow We have a few products in the pipeline, but I don't want to ruin the surprise! In addition, we're designing additional collections (other than cartography) as well.
@ejameswill @jeffrock Great to see fellow startups from RVA on PH!
very very cool idea! but i don't think i can shell out $75 for a luggage tag... maybe one day
Beautiful product. Keen to see what you offer next. Would be nice to signup for updates without having to create an account. Just simply provide my email.
@joshuapinter Thanks! There's a registration link toward the bottom of the homepage, but here's a direct link:
@jeffrock Not sure if you read my comment. I found the registration just fine but I think you scare a lot of people off by having to register instead of just providing their email to join a newsletter.