Turn any computer into a Chromebook

This is a pretty awesome way to turn old computers that are outdated or underpowered into screaming fast Chromebooks. Neverware converts your existing hardware into a dual-boot system, meaning you can run both your existing OS and Chrome OS. This opens up so many possibilities, one of which is in education. Schools can now repurpose those old clunky machines that they have with Chrome OS and get more students on the world wide web. I'm looking forward to how Apple and/or Microsoft responds to this!
This is awesome. Can really use this w my daughter - all on Google classroom and we're a Mac house.
The review says everything... Will be trying this out on a few of my old computers.
If I don't care about dual boot and want to fully Chromebook my old machine, is that possible?
This is a cool idea --- chromebooks are perfectly simple for a lot of people and great for battery.