Pledge to never vote for Trump

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@johnalxndr I'll build that for $250,000
@ikirigin just bill goldman sachs, jpmorgan and citigroup for it
@dielawn714 is that ironic? Hard to tell
Hey folks, I made this with the help of @morganknutson. It has an interesting viral mechanic where you confirm your pledge. Let me know what you think!
by the way, my terrible code is open source: https://github.com/ikirigin/neve...
Someone has a little too much free time
@jdfwarrior That's probably my least favorite criticism of someone's behavior, so disrespectful.
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@ikirigin It's just a shame to see someone spend their time building a site to slam someone else rather than build something useful for others. It's not an attempt to be disrespectful. I personally just wouldn't even consider building something like this unless I was flat out bored which, for me, doesn't occur very often.
@jdfwarrior I tend to think we're missing a clear, positive vision for the future. I like people that push that forward. So in a sense I agree. Except Trump is the exact opposite of that, and is bad for the country. Part of his mystique is convincing people he is a winner. Actually most people hate him. So my goal is to show how fake his persona is by letting people publicly express their distaste.
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Can we go SOMEWHERE on this freaking internet without seeing political bs? Please?