Nevercode 2.0

Write code and let us take care of your build servers


Nevercode 2.0 is a continuous integration service for teams who want to build high quality mobile apps

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Mikhail Tokarev
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  • Harri Kirik
    Harri KirikSoftware Engineer at Mobi Lab

    Functionality you need made extremely easy to use!


    No Android app. Yet :)

    I use it every day, compared to self-managed Jenkins it makes all my tasks way faster and easier. It is also great way to provide a better overview of the process to partners and clients.

    Harri Kirik has used this product for one year.
  • Pieter Ennes
    Pieter EnnesCo-founder

    Awesome together with git-flow.


    Haven't tried any alternatives.

    When using git-flow the killer feature is that you can configure it to automatically deploy feature branches to internal testers, the develop branch to an external group, and master to the real App/Play stores. All upon commit. Super duper.

    Pieter Ennes has used this product for one year.
  • bugfrisch
    bugfrischProduct Manager,

    great simple UX


    cannot find anything

    great product with great integrations e.g. Slack or Relution

    bugfrisch has used this product for one day.