Nevercode 2.0

Write code and let us take care of your build servers

Nevercode 2.0 is a continuous integration service for teams who want to build high quality mobile apps

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Nevercode 2.0 is a one-stop-shop for continuous integration * 📱 Support for all major platforms: iOS, Android, Ionic, Cordova, React Native * 🛰 Bitbucket & Github Integration * 🏖 Low maintenance * ⛑ Fast & competent support * 🚀 Emulators, Parallel Testing, etc.
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@__tosh 😍🙏🚀 Awesome! Thank you for the hunt, Thomas!
Thank you, @__tosh for such a nice review — much appreciated ♥️ ! You are a true 🔝hunter🔝 ! 👍☺️
We’re really excited to introduce Nevercode 2.0 to the mobile app developers community! We know how development teams ❤️ to write code but hate everything regarding setting up and maintaining build servers. That’s why we built Nevercode to solve this problem. We are not just a virtual DevOps replacement, we’ve automated the whole build, test, deploy process for teams to release defect-free apps faster. We have witnessed how crucial continuous integration has become as the foundation of mobile product development. We’ve talked to many of our users and asked how continuous integration could become even more valuable for them. They’ve highlighted speed, stability, intuitiveness and teamwork transparency. With Nevercode 2.0 we’ve taken it all into account and are now rolling out the following upgrade 🚀: * Stability and speed improvements including test parallelization; * Simpler and more intuitive UI/UX; * Soon to be released - Nevercode Analytics. But there has been one more thing that we’ve realized we could do. For years CI service providers have been focusing on code improvement but left team performance unnoticed. We see a huge opportunity in this and are now working on a very exciting new product that measures team activity and provides intelligently generated suggestions how teams can achieve even more. So hereby, I’m using the chance to invite all interested people to participate in our Nevercode Beta Software Program to help us finalize our new amazing features and products. 💪 Me and Kristian are here to answer all your questions regarding Nevercode 2.0 and also encourage discussion around software development automation. Let’s rock and roll! 🤘🕺🏻💥
Nevercode Beta Software Program 👉 ☺️
Beautiful design and comfortable work space. Cool!
@hr_ant99 Thank you ❤️ We're working on making it even more comfortable :)
@triin_kask Will make any suggestions I could think of. Thanks for the feedback though.
@hr_ant99 Definitely do. We are open to all feedback. And feel free to take part of our Beta Software Program ( where you have early access to our upcoming features and you can share your pros and cons and help us improve them before the actual launch.
I like it!
@lapakko thanks! we too 😃 nice video 😮
@lapakko Alright 😎Thanks!

I use it every day, compared to self-managed Jenkins it makes all my tasks way faster and easier. It is also great way to provide a better overview of the process to partners and clients.


Functionality you need made extremely easy to use!


No Android app. Yet :)

Indeed, it's much more than just the project team who benefits. Also clients and partners are always on the same page with the team. Thanks for a great comment, Harri! ❤️ (Android App is not far anymore :))