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Chris MessinaHunter@chrismessina · Product designer & entrepreneur
When you think about, there really isn't good software for creating music fan sites that don't suck. It's kind of all like 2008-era wikiware or forum software. Sure, you could setup a WordPress blog or something on Tumblr, but in my experience, community rarely gels on those platforms because they don't capture the rolling zeitgeist of what matters most — at any given moment — to the fans, or how they define what there is to love about their favorite artists. In other words, something crucial is lost when I attempt to show off my love for my favorite artists when I use the available fan platforms. I mean, a "like" just isn't sufficient to express how I feel about certain artists! never/over thus seems directionally intended to provide Daft Punk superfans with tools to more fully express the strength of their feelings. And as an advisor to the project, I hope you guys find the premise as interesting and promising as I do.
Rob LordMaker@r0bl0rd ·
@chrismessina Precisely. We seek for never/over to evolve towards the subjective Wikipedia page of Daft Punk, that is the most holistically expressive of Daft Punk-iness experience on the Internets. never/over is built to empower Daft Punk superfans to connect and collaboratively curate what is Daft Punk-iness. We have much to do still. Your feedback help us prioritize features and polish. The suggestion box is open; we are listening. Thanks for the kind and thoughtful comments Chris.
Alex ShyeMaker@alexshye · Eng @ClincAI
Thanks @chrismessina. I'll chime in too w/ some background :) My friends @r0bl0rd, @synapticstimuli, and I (advised by @chrismessina) all think Daft Punk is pretty awesome, and have been imagining what a collaborative multimedia shrine to Daft Punk might look like. What if there was one place online created by the fans to represent Daft Punk media/culture? What would it look like? What would it feel like? This is our first take at it, and we hope you like it. Would love to hear your thoughts, questions, and critiques.. Rock on.
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
@alexshye, @r0bl0rd, @synapticstimuli - This would be particularly awesome if/when Daft Punk (and other artists people love), engage in the comments and community. I'm unsure how important this is to you but if so, how do you plan to get artists to care when they're often pulled toward the next social network/UGC app/etc. by so many others?
Alex ShyeMaker@alexshye · Eng @ClincAI
@rrhoover Yes, it would be awesome to have artists involved, but there are a few things at play here. Many artists have passionate fans but not all of them are interested in, or good at, online community building with their fans. Even if they are interested, as you mention, they are constantly pulled towards the next hot social network/UGC site/app. Thus, although it would be awesome to have artists on board, we aren't betting on it for success*. Fortunately, the Internet has proved to be great for democratizing these kinds of things. If a group of fans want to share their passion for Daft Punk, they can and should. A great example is Daft Punk on FB. Their official page is infrequently updated, and so fans have created many of their own groups. * We've been mulling over what "success" for never/over means. Should it be a popping news site w/ new content each day (like Product Hunt or HN)? That is a great goal, but it isn't the only meaningful direction to go. For example, what if a smaller number of people occasionally contribute, and we design around letting them evolve never/over into the best curated evergreen set of the Daft Punk media? That could be sweet too, in a very different way.
Rob LordMaker@r0bl0rd ·
@rrhoover Agreed that having artist participation would be awsm, but I don't think necessary for never/over to achieve lofty milestones. Daft Punkiness is superset of Daft Punk like the Coachella festival or Electric Daisy Carnival is awsm and sells out before the line-up is announced. Post-Internet ate everything culture is a lovely layered mélange of authorship and response. You can already see and *feel* the response content draw at never/over, cf this unauthorized fan video produced from 20,000 fan's smartphone videos of Daft Punk's Alive tour one-night-only performance in Paris. Peak Daft Punkiness. Bonus: Daft Bodies with 17M YouTube views. :) r0b