Smartwatch app for tracking seizures

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Daryna Kulya
@darynakulya · Product @ Vidyard | Product Hunt TO
Hey Eric - I know you started Neutun at a hackathon weekend last year. What have you learned about building a product and company this year?
Mike Murchison
@mimurchison · Cofounder of Ada (http://ada.support)
Hey Eric, congrats on the launch! What made you focus on bringing Neutun to the Pebble first? Also, I'm hoping you could shine some light on the state of wearables in healthcare -- are they being widely adopted, or are they being met with resistance? Will there be one winner here similar to how there was one desktop computer winner in the education space, or… See more
Bryn Jones
@bryncdn · Co-Founder & CEO, GrowSumo
Nice to see a challenging personal experience inspired a cool product. You mentioned users have used Neutun at football practices and it got me thinking, how does the app differentiate between hits and seizures? What does Neutun do to identify false positives?
Brad Mills
@bradmillscan · Founder, Filmmaker, Fitness, Fun Guy
Seems like a solid product for anyone suffering from seizures.
Alex Kolodkin
@alexkolodkin · CEO, Set Scouter
Neutun is an absolute game changer for the medical community. Imagine the immense reduction on healthcare from allowing patients to gather their own data, on their own terms, and make it available to their doctors. No more stress tests, no more unnecessary medical "torture" when doctors try to induce and diagnose seizures within timed windows.