Smartwatch app for tracking seizures

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Hey Eric - I know you started Neutun at a hackathon weekend last year. What have you learned about building a product and company this year?
Hey @darynakulya great question! We used an early prototype from Hack the North as the final piece for our concept. What we learnt was users really don't want to advertise their medical condition to the world. Keeping user's privacy in tact and their tracking system stigma free is something we hold very highly! Thank you so much for the comment, have an awesome day! :D
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Hey Eric, congrats on the launch! What made you focus on bringing Neutun to the Pebble first? Also, I'm hoping you could shine some light on the state of wearables in healthcare -- are they being widely adopted, or are they being met with resistance? Will there be one winner here similar to how there was one desktop computer winner in the education space, or will we see staunch hardware competition in the medical world?
Hey @mimurchison! Thank you so much :) We chose Pebble because @ericmigi and the team did such an amazing job building a device people love to wear and a strong developer community. Especially early on, there wasn't another platform like it! It continues to be a leader especially when it comes to supporting a developer community. Wearables in healthcare is at such an interesting inflection point. Its a combination of 3 major components, technical, legislative and market adoption. Its only till recently all three of these elements came into play and allowed for this to be possible. Something like this wasn't even feasible just a couple months ago. We kinda see it as a 2-3 horse raise, similar to mobile phones. Right now, its looking very much like Apple/Pebble/Android. All have different positions and service a different audience's needs. The advancement of the smartband capabilities, popularized by the Pebble Time is also an interesting development. Our team actually built a really cool band just alittle while ago at Hack the North utilizing it, you can check it out here: Thanks for the question! Really thankful for the question :)
Nice to see a challenging personal experience inspired a cool product. You mentioned users have used Neutun at football practices and it got me thinking, how does the app differentiate between hits and seizures? What does Neutun do to identify false positives?
Hey @bryncdn thanks for the question. Yes it can! Its very hard to simulate the exact motion that a seizure produces, share & fast rigorous movements. However, as a safety precaution we include a 20 second alarm for false positives. Users have this window to shut off the alarm, allowing us to record the result and better tailor their experience and sensitivity. We also have a platform in which people can note on these events and provide feedback later. Thanks for the question!
Seems like a solid product for anyone suffering from seizures.
Thanks @bradmillscan! We built a product we needed and millions around the world. Really happy with being able to build such a cool product that also changes lives :D
Neutun is an absolute game changer for the medical community. Imagine the immense reduction on healthcare from allowing patients to gather their own data, on their own terms, and make it available to their doctors. No more stress tests, no more unnecessary medical "torture" when doctors try to induce and diagnose seizures within timed windows.
Thanks @alexkolodkin! We've put alot of thought about which market to begin with, seizures. Its something that hit very close to home for us and it was a problem we needed to solve. But there are a TON of other chronic conditions and wearables we can utilize. We really see this as an opportunity to bring the advancements and conveniences we have in other areas, utilized by technology, into the health sphere. So glad you enjoyed the product & thanks for the stellar question :D