Neuroon Open

Advanced open-source sleep tracking EEG mask and band.

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Hi Guys! I'm the founder of Neuroon Open mask and would love to answer any questions you may have!
Wow - an eye mask is an essential part of my daily routine so really intrigued to finally see someone innovate on it! Following with interest...
@louise_croft thanks for your interest in our project!
Awesome product from the Neuroon team, taking it Open Source is next level!
@jrosstreacher thank you for being with us James :)
Cool product! The video could be a bit shorter IMHO though
thank you @jonbstrong ! We're going to work on the video to make it a little bit shorter :)
So how exactly does this differ to just using the sleep tracking app on my phone and a normal sleep mask.....
@mronawaz this is a great question! Neuroon Open is a sleep mask combined with an advanced biological signal measurement tools. It uses brain waves measurement technology (EEG) and cardiovascular measurement technology (pulse oximeter measuring heart rate and saturation). Using these tools Neuroon Open is able to: 1) present you with accurate sleep measurement- we've been comparing these measurements to professional medical devices called polysomnography device, 2) the sleep measurement done by Neuroon Open is a real time measurement. This allows you to connect Neuroon Open to your smart house IoT system, using Neuroon Open as triggers generator for e.g. your thermostat, 3) wake you in exact sleep state choose by you (e.g. REM or light sleep) and provide so-called artificial dawn, with LED lights embedded into the mask, that has been proven to facilitate waking up, 4) help you with meditation by providing you with guided audio sessions and measuring your brainwaves while you meditate, 5) increase your chances for Lucid Dreaming by providing you cognitive techniques before falling asleep and external stimulation (with lights and vibration) when you are asleep in REM sleep.