World's first sleep mask for polyphasic sleep

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Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Anyone here try polyphasic sleep (or something similar)?
Kevin Li
Kevin Li@liveink · Co-Founder at Farmstead
i think @dcurtis wrote a great blog article about it, his end conclusion was that it works if you just need to work with yourself but it breaks down the moment you need to sync up with other people.
Guy Gal
Guy Gal@deleted-6211 · Growth at Joyus
I experimented with this years ago. Found biphasic sleep to be more productive a la Kevin's point, but this is super interesting.
Ethan S-G
Ethan S-G@ethans_g · President, The Program
I love me a good sleeping mask.
Bob Troia
Bob Troia@bobtroia · Entrepreneur, Emerging Tech
I just received my NeuroOn. Unfortunately, polyphasic sleep functionality is not included (future?), nor is the ability to induce lucid dreaming, which was the main reason I participated in the crowdfunding campaign.