The novel that defined cyberpunk

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aj@ajlkn · Maker of stuff.
Fun/amazing fact: At the time William Gibson wrote Neuromancer, he hadn't actually used a computer before.
Eliot Peper
Eliot PeperHunter@eliotpeper · author
Neuromancer by William Gibson is a badass romp through a 1989-vintage future that remains prescient even now. This is a mind-bending, genre-pioneering must-read.
Micah Ghoulish
Micah Ghoulish@micahkulish · Co-Founder of Can I Stay with you whi...
Brad Yasar
Brad Yasar@yasarcorp · It takes a whole life to become you!
I​ love this book amazing what Gibson was able to image!
Jessie Wood
Jessie Wood@jessiewould · Writer/marketer, creator @songstodanceto
It's really crazy how well this holds up, and continues to do so. Just a gorgeous piece of work.