The AI doodle game you can play on your smartphone.

NeuralDraw is as fun as it is easy, and it’s all ad-free.
You Receive a prompt to draw something in 30 seconds, start doodling and let the app guess what your prompt was.
Inspired by Google's Quick, Draw! and optimised for you to play it on your smartphone!
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Would love a notification when the Android version is released 👌
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@irresistibl we'll definitely give you a heads-up when we release the Android version!
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@irresistibl @alex_camilar1 What platforms is it on now?
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@irresistibl @david_clifford9 hey David, it's on iOS for now, we're planning to release an Android version as well, but no timeline on it unfortunately.
Hey Hunters! I'm Alex Camilar, and I'm the Product Manager for NeuralDraw. Meet NeuralDraw, the AI drawing game we built to make the fun of Google’s Quick, Draw! accessible on mobile as well. We loved the idea of a computer vision algorithm that could guess what you were doodling, and we decided to make it more fun with the added layer of competition. Try it out and let us know what you think. We hope you’ll enjoy it and be the one to out-doodle us all! The game is iOS only for now, but we're planning to release an Android version soon. If you'd like to know more about what sparked the idea for NeuralDraw and the technology behind it, you can find out in our blogpost:
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Its pretty fun.. I would prefer to use this app during my commute time than any silly game. Nice work!
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@abhishek_dwivedi1 I'm glad you like it, Abhishek! Let us know if you have an idea on how to improve it :)
It needs Facebook login, so I'm not gonna touch that.
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@jasonology hey Jason, we understand your concern, we have multiple users that would like another login method or guest mode, and we're looking into options for the next update. What would be a login method that you would use? Google account, Apple ID, something else? Thanks for the feedback!
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@alex_camilar1 I would go for Twitter oauth, private email challenge/response or apple’s ID as I don’t think those companies will abuse my personal data the way google and facebook do.
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@jasonology awesome, Jason! we're looking into adding AppleID and maybe Twitter's OAuth, thanks a lot for the feedback! This is exactly why we posted :)