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Hey everyone! After nearly 2 years in the trenches, yesterday I—along with my co-founder Aaron—released NeuBible out into the world and I'm stoked for everyone here on Product Hunt to see it. Obviously, I know a Bible app probably isn't most people on here's "thing"—but it's honestly a culmination of all our years of interaction and design thinking from not only my time at Apple designing and building products, but both our time in interaction, print and traditional graphic design, as well. NeuBible afforded us the opportunity to put out a strong point-of-view on the current state of app design trends and put forward what I believe to be a compelling take on navigation, structure, gesture and use of typography. Anyways, I hope you'll take a moment to look and would love to hear what you think! Feel free to hit me up on here or on Twitter if you have any questions!
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@iamkory Absolutely love it. Thanks for creating.
@iamkory Great job, Kory! Can't wait for ESV as an IAP.
@iamkory It reads beautifully! I haven't been using the YouVersion app because it has become cluttered with features and takes a while to actually get to reading every time I open it. This is exactly what I've been looking for!
@iamkory Omg Kory my brother who is a pastor in NY, literally just sent me an article about Neubible in the am I couldn't stop smiling we should meetup for Philz coffee next week I'd love to chat with you guy. Actually spent a year myself and launched/sold an audio bible experience called Povely had over 100,000 users. nick@questmobile.co - you guys are doing something wonderful.
@jpinnix it's incoming ASAP man! Thanks for the support!
I'm not gonna run out and start reading the bible myself, but this is an absolutely beautiful application and I imagine such a popular book is worthy of such a well done piece of software.
@bhalp1 thanks Ben :) yeah, obviously not for everyone, but stoked you can see the care and thought put into the UX
Love it. Great job Kory and team! Any plans on adding The Message translation?
@kevinleehenry absolutely! Working on it now :) stay tuned!
Redesigning the bible or any religious book is probably one of the most complex UX challenges out there. Besides the obvious challenges like the amount of content and the inner logic of the content structure, there's a major challenge very specific to the final user. When it comes to religious content, not every user would use the bible for the same reason and not every user would use the bible in the same way. I feel you guys did a great job in creating a very relevant product that adapts to multiples uses cases and audiences. Also, the UI is gorgeous and very refreshing. Good job!
@whoisjuan thanks for the kind words! ...and for recognizing the *many* inherent challenges with adapting the scope of the text for the screen :)
Love the UI/UX. I currently use YouVersion's Bible app because I like their "reading plan" feature, so if you guys can add that sort of thing, I'll switch in a heartbeat.
@ghobs91 we have some pretty cool ideas for a much different take on reading plans. Just got a few other things to build out first :) but definitely on the list!