Networking Email Handbook

Free book of email templates to help you grow your network.

#2 Product of the DayAugust 12, 2019
A book of proven networking email templates to help you grow your network, build relationships and boost your career. You'll find a template for every networking situation.
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Hey guys - excited to launch this book on PH today. Thanks to @nikkielizdemere for the hunt. In the book, there is a proven email template for every networking situation you will ever find yourself in, including: 👋 Cold emailing alumni or influencers 📅 Following up with someone you met an event or conference ☕ Getting coffee with industry leaders or influencers 🔗 Writing effective LinkedIn connection requests ✉️ Following up if you don’t hear back 👔Asking an industry leader for advice 👏 Getting an informational interview 👍 Getting job referrals The book serves two purposes: - Teach people how to network: Everyone speaks about the importance of networking but there are so few actionable resources. This is where the handbook comes in. In addition to being a collection of emails to help inspire people when trying to grow their network, every template also includes insight into why the email was effective and the psychology behind why it works. - Make networking easier: Networking and building relationships is often a very daunting task, specifically for recent graduates! They shy away from networking because they "don't know what to say". With this handbook, the goal is that whenever you're stuck writing an email, you'll be able to refer to this book of effective samples for inspiration. Each of these emails has amazing copy and actually worked 💪(i.e. got an interview, a response, etc). Each template was also tweaked, so obviously names (e.g. company names, people names, etc) were changed for confidentiality. I recently shared this book with our newsletter audience (as part of the career site - Resume Worded). It's received some great feedback so far from our readers - so I thought the PH audience will value this too! Any feedback or feature requests, let me know! 🙌 Thanks! 🙏
We've all heard that networking is super important whether you're job hunting, building professional relationships or reaching out to people for career advice. Though, it's always a struggle writing those ever-important emails. This book gives you a bunch of proven examples of emails that you can use as inspiration.
Super useful product for so many different situations!
Thanks for the free download and NOT making users enter their email address to get the PDF. Great work!
I've been looking for something like this for ages. Super useful. Thanks.